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Energy & Environment

What Ben will do

Utahns’ health and Utah’s economy are stronger with clean air, clean water and solutions to address climate change. Ben supports an all-of-the-above energy portfolio, which ensures affordable, reliable energy for Utah homes and businesses. This approach emphasizes increasing the supply of renewable energy, along with research and development of new technologies.

What Ben has done

As Mayor, Ben supported constructing energy-efficient county buildings; building infrastructure to support natural gas and electric vehicles; initiating trip reduction plans for county employees to reduce vehicle emissions; planning and building a county-wide network of safe, convenient bicycle routes; and pushing transit “free fare” days along with other initiatives. He partnered with the private sector and the state on projects like solar installations on county-managed facilities and public transit-oriented developments.

Ben worked with numerous stakeholders for two years to protect Utahns’ drinking water while balancing recreation, transportation and the environment. He met with businesses, government, private landowners, and environmental groups to produce the Mountain Accord – a consensus plan for the Central Wasatch mountains.

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