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Economy & Jobs

Ben knows that small businesses are the engine that drive economic growth and create jobs. He supports low taxes and cutting red tape. When the economy was forced to close in response to COVID-19, Ben supported vital small business loan programs, like the Paycheck Protection Program to give Utah employers money to continue paying their employees’ salaries, as well as rent, utilities and other business needs. Ben also fought against government bureaucracy that kept the public in the dark about who was getting the loans, and whether it was at the expense of small businesses that truly needed and deserved them.

Ben supported COVID-19 measures that assisted gig economy workers, like Uber and Lyft drivers, and others considered “independent contractors”. While traditional employees normally have access to unemployment benefits when they lose their jobs, that’s not typically an option for gig workers. The CARES Act provided eligibility for those workers to help them through the economic shut-down.

Trade is a driver of business expansion and good-paying jobs in Utah. Ben stood up to leaders in his own party and pushed for a vote to approve the U.S. Mexico Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA). Congress passed and the President signed the “new NAFTA”, as it’s known, giving Utah farmers and ranchers, medical equipment manufacturers, eCommerce companies and their thousands of employees a major win. The agreement included important enforcement provisions on labor and environmental standards so that U.S. companies aren’t undercut by weaker standards in other countries. The economic relationship between Utah, Mexico and Canada supports more than 120,000 Utah jobs. Having the deal in place before the coronavirus crisis hit provided the certainty Utah businesses needed to serve their customers and retain their employees.

Ben voted with Republicans and Democrats to renew the U.S. export credit agency which both business and labor agree has been critical to economic development and job creation. The U.S. Export Finance Agency directly supports thousands of American jobs at no cost to the taxpayer. Its role is to provide short-term credit when the private sector is unwilling or unable to finance businesses’ efforts to expand into global markets and offers credit-backing and insurance to help Utah businesses bid on overseas projects and reach customers.

Ben supported a number of bills to assist women-owned small businesses and start-ups. The measures strengthen and improve programs and tools offered by the Small Business Administration that make an important difference to these key job-creators in the community

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