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COVID-19 Heath & Economic Crisis

Ben knows that the unprecedented threat to Utahns’ health and safety and our economy from this new, highly-infectious virus must be met with timely, targeted and transparent actions.

Ben has supported bipartisan measures––signed by the President––to help individuals, hospitals, foodbanks, schools and small businesses. Aid included individual and family economic relief payments and low-interest loans to help small businesses keep paying salaries to their employees during the shutdown. He supported paid sick and family leave for those who become ill with coronavirus or were caring for someone who was sick, and emergency unemployment insurance stabilization and access. Ben has pushed for more accountability and openness for taxpayers to see where their tax dollars are spent and to make sure those small businesses who truly need and deserve the loans were able to get them, not giant corporations. Ben fought to make sure federal agencies released the list of loan recipients and to minimize red-tape for small business owners.

At a time when thousands of Utahns are sick, hundreds have died, and tens of thousands are out of a job, Ben fought to protect access to health care coverage, especially for those with preexisting conditions. He also helped pass legislation to lower the cost of prescription drugs and pushed for a measure to cap the out-of-pocket drug costs for older Americans.

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