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Budget & Taxes

What Ben will do:

Ben believes hard-working Utah families and businesses deserve a fiscally responsible government that is held accountable for tax dollars.

Ben supports tax reform that makes the tax system simpler, fairer and more predictable. This way, families and businesses can plan for the future. He criticized the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act because it favored the wealthy over the middle class. In addition, it will add $1.5 trillion of federal debt over the next 10 years.

Ben supports a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. It would require Congress stop running record deficits that burden future generations with debt they did not incur.

What Ben has done:

As mayor, Ben balanced the budget annually – with bipartisan support – while keeping taxes low. He funded important public safety services; managed critical public health response; expanded parks, trails and open space; and offered countywide access to arts and cultural activities.

Ben spearheaded innovative approaches to homelessness and criminal justice reform. He partnered with the private and nonprofit sectors to pay for programs and measure the results.

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