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Evan McMullin Endorsement

Alyson Heyrend, Communications Director

Former Presidential candidate and Utahn Evan McMullin endorses Congressman Ben McAdams

Salt Lake City, Utah–2016 Presidential candidate Evan McMullin is proud to endorse Congressman Ben McAdams in his re-election bid to represent Utah’s 4th District, saying there is no place in Utah for Burgess Owens’ political extremism and divisive rhetoric.

“Utah has been well-served by Ben McAdams. He’s an independent, unifying leader who has worked effectively with both parties to deliver for our state. Washington is in dire need of more men and women like him on both sides of the aisle,” McMullin said. “Meanwhile, Burgess Owens has invited a dangerous and divisive type of politics into our state with his lies about Ben McAdams and catering to extremism. Owens simply doesn’t share our values and has no interest in working across party lines for the good of Utah and the country. This year and in this race it’s critical that we put country over party and I urge Utahns of all political affiliations to do that in support of Ben McAdams.”

“I appreciate Evan’s endorsement and I am proud to receive the backing of such a dedicated public servant. He and I share the same belief that people come before party and that we need to bridge divides, not widen them, in order to solve problems,” said McAdams.

Posted on October 26, 2020 in Press Releases.

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