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Burgess Owens attacks vote-by-mail

October 21, 2020

Andrew Roberts, Campaign Manager

Salt Lake City, Utah—During a Texas talk radio interview yesterday, Burgess Owens warned about Democrats stealing the election through mail-in ballots, despite overwhelming support in Utah among Republicans and Democrats for voting by mail. The vote-by-mail system is more important than ever this election year, due to Utah’s public health guidelines that discourage groups from gathering in enclosed spaces as Utah experiences a surge of coronavirus cases.

Utah is one of five states that for years has relied primarily on vote-by-mail and Utah’s current chief elections official –and Republican candidate for Governor – Spencer Cox credits it for higher voter turnout and additional time for voters to study their ballots.

Speaking on the Joe Pags’ syndicated news radio program, Owens said there will be such a “huge, conservative turnout that it won’t matter how many votes the Democrats steal through mail-in ballots.”

“Owens is again supporting ridiculous conspiracy theories and pushing false information, just as he did as a ‘proud to be on the team’ supporter of QAnon, the fake and dangerous conspiracy theory that the FBI has labelled a domestic terror threat. Is he intentionally trying to smear Utah elections officials and Utah voters or just sow distrust in our process? Either way, it’s wrong and he should stop it,” said Roberts.

Roberts says the Ben McAdams campaign appreciates the thoughtful care Utah voters take to exercise their right to vote and is grateful for the hard work of county and state elections officials to ensure the election is fair, accurate and secure.

Posted on October 21, 2020 in Press Releases.

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