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quick update re: shutdown

I wanted to reach out to give you a quick update on the ongoing government shutdown.

Here’s the latest:

This is officially the longest government shutdown in U.S. history.

Hundreds of thousands of federal workers have now missed their first paycheck.

I fought to ensure federal employees get back pay and asked to have mine withheld until the government reopens.

It’s wholly unacceptable that workers and families are now paying the price for reckless partisan brinkmanship. This is exactly the kind of Washington dysfunction that Utahns, and Americans and across the country, rejected at the ballot box in November.

I came to Congress to be your voice and to find real solutions that will improve the lives of members of our community. Every day the shutdown continues is a day we’re not focusing on solving the biggest problems the American people face like lowering healthcare costs, protecting our environment, and getting government on the pathway back to a balanced budget.

Make your voice heard: Add your name to call on Washington to put an end to this shutdown immediately.

Thanks for your ongoing support,


Posted on January 16, 2019.

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